What is the Images d'Art website?

Images d'Art gives you access to a rich database of several thousand artists and around 500,000 artworks that you can discover, share and collect.
This image database contains works from French museums that have been digitised and documented by the RMN-GP’s photo agency. These images are also for sale on the www.photo.rmn.fr website.
The RMN-GP was created in 2010 when the Réunion des musées nationaux, a major European cultural operator, merged with the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, we intend to be the gateway to arts and culture by providing this experience to as many people as possible.
To get to know us better, refer to our websites www.rmngp.fr and www.grandpalais.fr.


What artworks are presented on the Images d'Art website?

RMN-GP, through its photo agency, distributes the images from national museums as well as, more widely, those from French and foreign collections.
On this website you will find representations of works from prestigious museums such as the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Château de Versailles, as well as many others that contribute to the richness of our heritage.
The Images d'Art website will gradually be enriched with new collections.


What is the difference between www.photo.rmn.fr and the Images d'Art website www.images-art.fr ?

Images d'Art will be your guide for an enjoyable, intuitive discovery of the collection of images published by the RMN-GP. You are allowed to share these images or albums you create on social networks, and on the internet in general provided you go by our Conditions of use (see  www.art.rmngp.fr/en/legal-notices ); it will also provide you with resources related to the presented works.

The photo.rmn.fr website is used to sell images. This is the website to use if you wish to acquire an image for commercial use or if you want a high-definition image.



How do I create an account?

Simply click on the "Sign Up" button in the upper right of your screen. Then choose the name you would like to use publically, provide your email address and create a password. You must accept the General Conditions of Use in order to complete the account. You will then receive an email with which you can validate your account.

I already have an account. How do I log in?

Use the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner of your screen and simply enter your username and password to create a new album, or share albums you have already created. Refer to http://art.rmngp.fr/en/user/login for more information.

Can I delete my account?

You can always delete your personal account by completing the form on the Contact page ( www.art.rmngp.fr/en/contact ) , by selecting the "Other Topic" tab and notifying us that you would like to delete your account. You will receive an email once it has been deleted.


What can I do with the images I have downloaded and/or printed?

You may download and print images of your favorite works for non commercial use - particularly personal and educational use only. Do you want a high definition image or want one for commercial use? Go to the photo.rmn.fr website which will address these needs. Please read our Conditions of Use  (  www.art.rmngp.fr/en/legal-notices ) before getting started.

How do I make an artwork one of my favorites?

Do you have a soft spot for a particular work and want to save it with one click? After registering/signing up/joining the site via the “Sign Up” page, click on the heart icon in order to save this work in your favourites. You will find this work in your favourites upon your next login.

What is an album?

An album is more than a simple collection of favorite images, it is a selection of images that you build and which you can name and write a presentation text for. After signing up the website via the “Sign Up” page, simply use the pictogram " Add to a selection" to add an image to an album or to create a new album. You can then share it with your friends.

How do I create an album?

After signing up the website via the “Sign Up” page, there are two ways to create an album:
1. You can create an album directly by hovering over your name that appears in the upper right corner of the screen and by selecting "My Albums". On this page, click the " + New selection" icon found under your name. You will then be on the “Create an selection” page. Name your new album, and you can also write a text of presentation.
You can delete an image from an album, or delete an entire album, at any time, by using the pen icon on the album page.
2. From any artwork’s page, you can use the "add to an album" icon and add this album either to one of the albums you have already created or to a new album. Once you have made your choice(s), name your album and if you want, you may also create a text of presentation.

Why do I see links to other sites for certain works but not for others?

Images d'Art  is an innovative project through which we would like to provide you with resources for each represented work. This is already the case for some of the works, which present links to websites such as the Orsay museum pages, www.histoire-image.org, www.panoramadelart.fr and Wikipedia. We will keep on adding new links, so come back regularly to our Images d'Art website and you will find more links to museum pages and other useful reference sites.

What is the colour search?

It allows you to display the dominant colours of a particular image and to search the website for images by colour. We hope that you like the colour search as much as we do.


How can I share images with my friends?

Share our images with your friends using the Facebook and Twitter icons that appear when you click on a work’s image. You can also email images to them, or, if you are not afraid of a few lines of code, integrate them into your own website or blog using the "embed on your website" function. * Be careful not to breach our Conditions of Use ( www.art.rmngp.fr/en/legal-notices ). Certain images might not be available for embed for copyright reasons.

Any other questions?

I still have a question…

If you have still not found an answer to your question(s) in this section, please refer to  ( www.art.rmngp.fr/en/contact ).